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Kangen Water(tm)
Kangen Water™
Indoor Service - $2.00/gal

Kangen's Ionization Treatment exploits the fact that mineral ions are present in nearly all sources of drinking water. By applying an electric current, it separates the water into alkaline and acid waters, and delivers these two types of water for different uses. The alkaline water is said to be a healthier form of drinking water. The acid water (also known as "beauty water") is used for cleaning.
Steam Distilled
Steam Distilled
Indoor Service - $0.65/gal

Instead of removing the contaminants from water, Steam Distillation uses evaporation and condensation to remove water from its contaminants.  The water is boiled, killing bacteria and viruses.  The resulting steam rises, leaving behind inorganic minerals, chemicals and other contaminants.  The steam is then cooled and condenses into a high-quality distilled water.

Reverse Osmosis
Reverse Osmosis
Indoor Service - $0.55/gal

Reverse Osmosis Treatment begins with micro-filtration to remove suspended solids, and Activated Carbon filtration to remove chlorine and other organics.  The filtered water is then bathed in ultraviolet light to control bacteria, viruses, and other micro-organisms.  Finally, the water is pressed through a semipermeable membrane that traps up to 98% of dissolved solids like minerals, salts, and heavy metals.

Reverse Osmosis (Outdoor Vending)
Reverse Osmosis
Outdoor Vending - $0.30/gal

Scott's drive-up vending machine is available 24/7.  It dispenses water treated with micro-filtration, Activated Carbon filtration, ultraviolet light, and Reverse Osmosis.