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  Disc Padlock Features:
    • Hidden, hardened, and chromed
       steel shackle
    • Anti-Pick mushroom pins
    • Solid brass 5 pin tumbler cylinder -
       approximately 2,000 key

    • Stainless steel laser welded body -
       Laser welding achieves 80% weld
       penetration resulting in much
       stronger welds.
    • 3 Drain holes for better weather
    • 2 keys included with each lock

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Our greatest concern is the security of your possessions.
Hawke's Nest Storage facility is under 24-HOUR VIDEO SURVEILLANCE.

For your added security, we recommend the Chalet Disc Padlock.

Who are the thieves?
Studies have shown that most storage room thefts are done by other storage users.

What do they look for?
Quick, easy access.

What allows quick easy access?
Any lock that can be cut with bolt cutters. That means any lock that has an exposed shackle.

How can you protect yourself?
By buying a Chalet Disc Padlock with a hasp-hugging design that prevents cutting and prying.

Ask for the high-security Chalet Disc Padlock at Hawke's!